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  1. The Douay Catechism of 1649 by Henry Tuberville, D.D.
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The Douay Catechism of 1649 by Henry Tuberville, D.D.

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Douay Catechism

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The Douay Catechism of 1649

Hilarious, horrifying and heart-breaking, this diary is everything you wanted to know — and more than a few things you didn't — about life on and off the hospital ward. Whether all these editions were printed in America, or some of the earlier ones in Europe , cannot be ascertained. In that year Bishop England published his catechism for his own diocese, and in appeared the "Catechism of the Diocese of Bardstown", recommended as a class-book by Bishop Flaget of Bardstown, Kentucky.

Still more defective and inexact in language was the catechism of Bishop Conwell of Philadelphia, and, at the request of the archbishop , the author suppressed the book.

Whereas this edition preserved the quaint old language of the original, another edition of the same book appeared in Philadelphia, as "revised by the Right Rev. James Doyle and prescribed by him for the united dioceses of Kildare and Leighlin " Ireland. But the catechisms which were used most exclusively during several decades were Butler's "Larger Catechism" and "Abridged Catechism". This seems to be the first American edition of Butler's Catechism; for Dr. Troy, Bishop of Ossory , wrote, soon after Butler's Catechism had appeared: "It has been printed here under the title: 'A Catechism for the Instruction of Children', without any mention of Dr.

Far more extensively used than these was the English translation of Deharbe. From numerous editions of the small, medium, and large catechisms, with various modifications, were published in the United States. An entirely new and much improved edition was issued in New York in Repeated efforts have been made in the United States towards an arrangement by which a uniform textbook of Christian Doctrine might be used by all Catholics. As early as , the bishops assembled in the First Provincial Council of Baltimore decreed: "A catechism shall be written which is better adapted to the circumstances of this Province; it shall give the Christian Doctrine as explained in Cardinal Bellarmine's Catechism, and when approved by the Holy See , it shall be published for the common use of Catholics " Decr.

The clause recommending Bellarmine's Catechism as a model was added at the special request of the Congregation of Propaganda. It may be mentioned here that Bellarmine's "Small Catechism", Italian text with English translation, was published at Boston , in The wish of the bishops was not carried out, and the First and Second Plenary Council of Baltimore and repeated the decree of In the Third Plenary Council many bishops were in favour of a "revised" edition of Butler's Catechism, but finally the matter was given into the hands of a committee of six bishops.

Crossing the Line

Although the council had desired a catechism "perfect in every respect" Acta et Decr. Soon various editions came forth with additions of word-meanings, explanatory notes, some even with different arrangements, so that there is now a considerable diversity in the books that go by the name of Catechism of the Council of Baltimore. Besides, in recent years several new catechisms have been published, "one or two a decided improvement over the Council Catechism" Messmer, "Spirago's Method", p.

Among the recent catechisms are the two of Father Faerber, the large and small catechisms of Father Groenings, S. Butler, of the Diocese of Boston The three graded catechisms of this series give on the left page the questions and answers, on the right a "Reading Lesson ", dealing in fuller, and connected, form with the matter contained in the questions and answers. Some very practical features reading part, followed by questions and answers, appropriate hymns , and pictorial illustrations mark the "Text-books of Religion for Parochial and Sunday Schools", edited since by Father Yorke.

These last two series to some extent depart from the traditional method and indicate a new movement in catechetical teaching. A more radical change in the style of the catechism, namely the complete abandonment of the question-and-answer method, has recently been proposed see below, under II and III of this article, and "Am.

Christian Doctrine

The First Plenary Council of Baltimore appointed Bishop Neumann to write, or revise, a German catechism the use of which, after its approbation by the archbishop and all the German-speaking bishops , should be obligatory. This decree shared the fate of the council's demand for a uniform English catechism.

The Third Plenary Council decreed that the catechism to be issued by its order should be translated into the languages of those parishes in which religious instruction is given in any other than the English tongue. But the translation of the council catechism met with little favour.